22 March 2017 – Windsor & Surroundings – Installation of new bypass valve

Suburb:  Windsor & Surroundings
Streets:  All streets
Start Date: 22 March 2017
Time: 08:00am– 19:00pm
Restoration: 19:00pm-22:00pm
Reason:  Install a new bypass valve at Republic and Viscount Road
Impact on customers: No water

Here is the list of all areas supplied by the following reservoirs & Towers which are affected: 

Blairgowrie Reservoir:
Areas supplied
:Bordeaux Ext.2,Hurlingham Ext.5,Bordeaux,Craighall Ext.2,Blairgowrie,Oerder Park,Craighall,Glenadrienne,Craighall Park

Kensington B Reservoir:
Areas supplied
:Bryanbrink,Daniel Brinkpark,Bryanston Ext.5,Vandia Grove & All exts,Strijdompark & All Exts,Strijdompark Ext.26,Strijdompark Ext.15,Ferndale Ext.20,Ferndale Ext.4,Strijdompark & Exts,Ferndale Ext.32, ,Ferndale Ext.13,Vandia Grove Ext.1,Osummit, , ,Bryanston Ext.25,Ferndale Ext.15,Ferndale Ext.8 ,Ferndale Ext.6,Ferndale Ext.9,Ferndale,Ferndale Ext.3,Beverley Gardens,Meadowhurst,Bryanston Ext.45,Bryanston Ext.27,Bryanston Ext.50,Ferndale Ext.28,Ferndale Ext.24,Ferndale Ext.29,Malanshof,Ruiterhof Ext.2,Bryanston Ext.3,Bryanston,Ferndale Ext.11,Ferndale Ext.26,Meadowhurst Ext.3


Kensington Tower:
Areas supplied: Bryanbrink,Daniel Brinkpark, Bryanston Ext.5,Lyme Park Ext.3,Bryanston West Ext.1,Lyme Park Ext.4,Kensington B,Bryanston

Linden Tower:
Areas supplied:
Robindale,Darrenwood,Ferndale,Linden,Blairgowrie,Linden Ext

Tank Placement: (teams are still busy with placements)

  • Cnr. Anchor and Chester-Bryanston Ext.5
  • Cnr. Conduit and Westview-O Summit
  • Cnr. Kays and Cypress-Bryanston Ext.3
  • Cnr.Highview and West-Ferndale Ext. 29
  • Cnr. Speldekussing and Serruna-Ferndale  Ext.6
  • Bright Water Commons-Republic Road-Ferndale
  • Cnr. Hammer and Standard Close-Strijdom Park
  • Cnr. Sterling and Fabriek-Strijdom Park
  • Cnr. Milne and Daniel-Bryanbrink
  • Ferndale High School-Milne Road-Kensington B
  • Medicross clinic- done last night- done last night
  • Westview Park-Vandia Grove
  • Cnr. Sirdar and Abington- Kensington B- done last night
  • In Blackwood Street- Bryanston Ext.3- done last night
  • Republic and Silverpine (sasol garage)- done last night
  • Cnr Bramfisher Drive and First street (BP garage)
  • Dukes and Beatrice str at the Spar (Windsor)
  • Cnr Republic and Judges at the Engen garage

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