Burst pipe on Artillery Road , Auckland Park

16 August 2021

Johannesburg Water is aware of the continuous water interruptions that have been affecting customers along Artillery Road in Auckland Park due to a leaking pipe.

The dilapidated condition of the 150mm diameter pipe, posed a number of challenges in the repair process which meant that the technical team had to unfortunately excavate in different sections of the pipe as and when a leak occurred. This resulted in a number of open trenches along the road.

Johannesburg Water is prioritizing completion of the newly laid section of pipe on the same road and once it is completed it will be tied –in with the existing infrastructure. This intervention will ensure the reduced number of water interruptions and excavations on Artillery Road. The Tie-in will be done by the 27th of August 2021 followed by the reinstatements of existing services to be completed by 10th September 2021.

We apologize to residence for the inconvenient caused and appeal for their patience during this time.