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Mascot programme for primary school learners

Johannesburg Water’s educational mascot programme aimed at teaching primary school learners about where our water comes from.

As part of the community education campaign, Johannesburg Water has initiated an educational program called the Tappie Road Show. The objective of the program is to educate learners about water conservation. The wise ways of using water and why is it important to do so. The learners are also learning about water cycle and recycling. Tappie, the puppet and the presenter of the show are educating the learners about various issues on water and sanitation around the communities where they live. The program runs for approximately 45 minutes and there is no money to be paid from the school for the show.

The show is primarily focusing on primary schools within the boundary of the City of Joburg and the intention is to visit all schools once a year. The show is targeting school learners from grade R to 7, and is done in a form of edutainment.