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Johannesburg Water has adapted to the national ‘War on leaks (WOL)’ initiative which was announced by President Zuma during the 2015 State Of The Nation Address. This initiative aims to create jobs in the Water and Sanitation industry for over a period of five years.  This project is part of our Jozi@work initiative, and is aimed at creating sustainable job opportunities for the communities where the projects are being implemented.

This is the project aimed at reducing the water loss in various schools within the City. JW will repair the leaks in all the identified schools with the aim of reducing the water loss and reduce their water bill.

To implement the above-mentioned project, JW started by identifying the high water consuming schools from an overall list/database of schools in the City of Johannesburg from the Gauteng Department of Education database. A total of 500 schools were identified from the Gauteng Department of Education list for targeted engagement to acquire buy-in. 

Currently water purchases are 573 656 Ml/annum and current trends indicate an increase in bulk purchases of 2.4% per year. The Department of Water Affairs has given Johannesburg Water (JW) a target of reducing water demand to 450 050 Ml/annum by the 2017/2018 financial year.

It is estimated total amount of water loss at the surveyed schools approximates 890Ml/annum and it is envisaged that the 500 schools experience water loss of approximately 1860Ml/annum, fixing these leaks will assist in reducing the water demand within the schools.

Johannesburg Water is targeting to employ four contractors under which 15 SMME’s will be contracted. The proposed SMME’s will be procured within the respective regions based on the terms of reference that will be submitted by Johannesburg Water. The SMME’s will be issued with work on an “As and When” basis. The SMME’s will be capacitated and managed by Capability Supporting Agents (CSA’s) who will be procured through an open tender system.

Johannesburg Water is aiming to create 150 job opportunities in total within the period of 6 months which will fall under the 2015/2016 fiscal.