Final Verification of smart water meters at Cosmo City

Final Verification of smart water meters at Cosmo City

18 September 2019

Media Statement

Residents of Cosmo City are advised that the Joburg Water teams will be conducting final verification and quality check of all smart metres that have  already been installed, 5000 meters have already been installed in the area and 4200 have already been verified

During this coming weekend (21-22 September 2019)  residents whose meters have not been verified are requested to provide access to their properties for the process to be completed. In addition to verification, the contractor will also be fixing leaks on the meters and customers can call the contractor on 067 403 6278 for assistance if they have leaking metres only.

Johannesburg Water also advises residents of Cosmo City that the activation of the smart meters will happen on 01 October 2019, once a metre is activated the household will receive 2kilolitre of water once-off and thereafter customers should by credit from any of the following vending  points:

  • Bismillah Supermarket Cosmo City – Cnr Sierra Leone & Central Africa Street,
  • Cosmo City Central Africa Shop – C935 Central African Road, Cosmo City
  • King Supermarket Cosmo City – 4272 Brazil And Equador Street,
  • Cosmo City Mauritania Supermarket – 1838 Mauritania Street, Cosmo City
  • Mum Supermarket 2 – 4391 South Africa Drive, Cosmo City
  • Tawakal shop Cosmo City – 4141 Liberia & Brazil Street , Cosmo City
  • Viva Shop – 4720 Bolivia Street, Cosmo City
  • Pick n Pay – Shop No. 62, Cosmo Mall, Malibongwe Dr, Cosmo City, Johannesburg

Residents are invited to attend a public meeting with Joburg Water on 28 September 2019 at 10am at the Cosmo City Multipurpose centre where all outstanding queries will be addressed.

All technical queries can also be directed to the site camp Manager on 067 403 6278.


For media enquiries:
Mr Isaac Dhludhlu

Manager: Marketing and Communications
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