Kyalami AH, Kyalami AH x1, Kyalami Heights, Kyalami Park, Kyalami Ridge x3, Glenferness AH, Glenferness x1 & 2.

Unplanned interruptions

1. Suburb(s) Affected: Sandringham & Glenhazel
Affected Street Names: George, Orange, Wales, Margaret Rose, Edward, Connaught, Victoria, Wellington, Henry and Anne Street
Date: 02 August 2022
Time: 08:00-18:00
Impact: No water
Reason: Tie in

2. Suburb(s) Affected: Johannesburg North, Maroeladal, Cedar Lakes, Cedar Creek, Broadacres, Cedar Avenue West, Needwood, Chartwell, Parts of Kya Sands, Northriding, Bloubosrand & Farmall.
Start date: 28/07/22 at 07h00 Postponed to 02 August 2022. Further details will be provided
End date: 30/07/22 at 20h00
Impact: No water
Reason: Tie-in
Water tank sites:
• Cedar Lakes
• BP garage Broadacres Shopping Centre
• Broadacres Shopping Centre
• Cedar Creek Estate
• Terranova Complex
• Thorntree & Stonefields complex
• Runnymead & 3rd Rd, Chartwell
• Watercombe Rd & Zandspruit, Chartwell
• 5th Rd & Cladon Rd
• Rietvalei Road & Zandspruit Rd, Farmall
• Royal Canin
• Hyperion Rd (Hampstead Complex)
• Waterford View Estate

Planned interruptions

1. Suburb(s) Affected: Kyalami AH, Kyalami AH x1, Kyalami Heights, Kyalami Park, Kyalami Ridge x3, Glenferness AH, Glenferness x1 & 2.
Street Name: Hawthorne, Begonia, Cedar, Main, Ash, Zinnia, Pine, Rena, Maple, Oak, Salvia, Mull, Duncan, Lachlan, Macgregor, Maccines, Macintyre, Macgillivary, Crocus, Cactus, Jacaranda, Dahlia, Rose and Galanthus, Kyalami Boulevard, Monza, Indianapolis, Monte Carlo, Silverstone, Spur, Percheron, Palamino, Papenfus, Pinto Place, Shetland, Arabier, Lipizzaner, Mustang, Lourens Road.
Date: 02 August 2022
Time: 09h00-16h00
Impact: No Water
Reason: Tie In of new infrastructure

2. Suburb(s) Affected: Orange Farm (Drieziek)
Street Names: All streets
Date: 02 August 2022
Time: 09:00-19:00
Impact: No water
Reason: Lowering of storm water pipes for water channels

Johannesburg Water thanks residents for patience and understanding and apologises for the inconvenience caused.
Residents are encouraged to subscribe on our website, to our SMS notification service for alerts on planned or unplanned service interruptions. More information can be obtained on twitter: @jhbwater; Facebook: Johannesburg Water and our website.

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24 hour Hotline: 011 688 1699/ 086 056 2874
SMS line: 076 333 5052