Date: 14 July 2022

Johannesburg Water hereby informs all interested parties of the scheduled public tender adjudications committee meeting as part of the City’s wide efforts to promote openness and transparency.

Interested parties are allowed to attend the meeting ONLY as observers for tender detailed below and for all other bids are in excess of R200 000 to be Adjudicated in terms of clause 32.10 of the Johannesburg Water supply chain policy version 11. No councillors may participate or be in attendance at bid adjudication committee meetings in line with section 117 of the MFMA.

A notice for rescheduling of any meeting will be communicated in advanced through the same platform as the initial communication. All interested parties can attend physically the Bid Adjudication Committee meeting on the following venue:

VENUE: Ground Floor, Main boardroom, 65 Ntemi Piliso Street, Newtown
Date: 18 July 2022
TIME: 09:00 a.m.

No person or party or member of the public shall have any entitlement or right to speak at such Bid Adjudication Committee meeting, nor shall they have the right to address any member of the committee either before, during or after the meeting.

NB: Tenderers or members of the public who would like to attend hereby agrees to abide by the above-mentioned rules and requirements.

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