In line with the initiative of the City of Johannesburg Municipality to improve transparency and to build public confidence in the procurement system, Johannesburg Water will henceforth adjudicate all tenders and contracts included in the agenda of the Bid Adjudication Committee in public.

Accordingly, all interested parties are hereby invited to attend such adjudication as observers to the proceedings.

The next adjudication meeting will be held on 18 June 2019 at 9:00 in the Main Boardroom situated at Johannesburg Water’s Head Office, 17 Harrison St, Marshalltown.

The agenda for this meeting will comprise the following items:

  • Deviation from normal supply chain processes for the direct appointment of Vuku’phile learner contractors to implement Saxonwold water pipe replacement- Phase 3, Group 3
  • Non-award: JW OPS 056/18 RT- Supply and delivery of large bore steel pipes
  • Request for additional funding: JW 13635 – emergency repair and replacement of sewer and water infrastructure for a period of three years

The conditions governing attendance by the public are as follows:

  • Members of the public will maintain only an observer status
  • They may not engage in any discussion with members of the adjudication panel
  • They may not raise any matter at the meeting
  • They may not, prior to the meeting contact, discuss or raise any matter with officials
  • Members of the public shall not be permitted to record (audio or visual) any proceedings of the  meeting
  • No electronic devise or equipment of any sort including cell phones may be brought into the meeting chamber, including firearms and any other prohibited weapon
  • Names and contact details to be provided at security and an additional register will also be required to be completed by members of the public when entering the adjudication meeting
  • Any member of the public failing to adhere to these conditions may be refused entry or may be removed from the meeting
  • Parking arrangements to be borne by members of the public at own costs

The public is also advised to visit our website on a regular basis to establish items that will be adjudicated and which may be of interest to them.


Further enquiries may be directed to:

Ms I.Tabe

Act.Senior Manager: Supply Chain Management Unit

Tel: 011 688 1421

Email :

DOWNLOAD: Public adjudication Notice for 18 June 2019

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